Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Seven Habits of Successful Relationships - Part Two

So how were those 20 second kisses yesterday? Did you do it? Did you take action and move yourself a few kisses closer to an even better relationship?

So today I'd like to share with you Habits number 3 and 4

Success Habit Number 3: An Attitude of Gratitude

When was the last time you were truly thankful to your partner. That you really expressed your gratitude to them for being in your life. I think most couples move through the honeymoon period to a time of laid backness in the relationship when they begin to take eachother and the relationship for granted.

Our mate becomes a bit like a comfortable piece of furniture and we no longer see them in the same light as we when first fell in love. It's like having a scotomoa, our eyes no longer see the person, we just exist side by side, failing to notice the little things our partner does for us and sometimes even failing to notice our partner.

The real secret to successful relationships is to take the time to appreciate our partners, to say thank you and really mean it. To really honour the uniqueness in our loved ones and value who they are.

Take a moment now to write 10 things you are grateful for in your partner.

Success Habit Number 4: Seek to find the Divine.

This is a spiritual principle, however it is one that should you introduce to your relationship, it will quite literally bring your relationship to a new level.

When one seeks to see the Divine in our partners, it is really looking at the whole of their being, seeing the essence of God within them, and looking to love and experience them as God would. Seeking the Divine, means holding onto the belief and faith that our partners are always coming from the Greater Good, that they would never do anything to harm you or the relationship. It means never doubting them or their actions, it means believing in them NO MATTER WHAT.

I know couples find this challenging, I know its not always easy to do this. If you bring this element into the relationship, it is an element that needs to be talked about and shared. It becomes a rule in the relationship, one that is abided by. It is a success habit that can bring about enormous love, respect and connection.

I really encourage you to decide how you can begin to implement todays habits into your relationship immediately.

Remember in life, its the little things you consistently do that make the most difference.

Tomorrow we will have habits 5 and 6.

Until then, may the love be with you.

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