Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Raising Your Vibrations

With the Law of Attraction in mind, I want to chat about how we can raise our vibrations in order to feel lurved up or in that loving space more frequently, ESPECIALLY when we dont really feel that way.

I am sure you have heard about "fake it til you make it" and I am not referring to in the bedroom here! ha. ha.

Popular psychology will tell you that if you fake what you are feeling, eventually you will feel it, and this does in fact work. I mean think about it, it is impossible to put a smile on your face, turn your head to the ceiling and say out loud really loud, I am happy, I am happy I am happy, without laughing!!! TRY IT RIGHT NOW and you will see what I mean.

Anyway, even better than that, I have recently been testing a new MIND CONTROL program which is by far in my opinion the absolute best on the market. It totally surpasses any other program I have worked with, including Silva, Holosync (they are great too) but this program I absolutely love and I mean it really does shift your vibration and consciousness.

I add some tips from the Iain Legg of Super Mind I think they're good.

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations ...and Make the World a Better Place by Iain Legg

1. DON'T give away your power to people. Take responsibility for your life. If things aren't going as hoped in your life, re examine your deepest beliefs. Swap limiting beliefs for empowering ones.

2. DO get a pet! According to Power vs Force, a purring cat vibrates at 500 (anything over 200 is Good..) pet dog Cass must vibrate at least 800 with her loving licks and devotion! (She is nicknamed 'Licky' by my friends!)

3. DON'T watch movies that drag you down. According to Power vs Force, this is most films. Watch movies that will make you feel good. Listen to music that fills you with positive emotions. Read books that empower you. (Control the input to your brain, and you'll control your output).

4. DO focus on what you want in your life, not what you don't want - remember the law of attraction... You have the power to create the life of your dreams - even if the world around you seems messed up, don't lose focus...

5. DO imagine that what you dream of is in your life now, and feel grateful for it now ...and after that think of 10 more things to be grateful for.

6. DO have fun. Life is about being happy. Don't wait until you have this, or that... Don't put off happiness. Live now. Enjoy now.

7. DO seek to discover the truth about the meaning of your life. The answers are there if you look for them. Awareness and peace of mind are high vibrations.

8. DON'T watch the news on television. It is filled with negativity which lowers your vibrations. (Why is 95% of all news all the time focused on bad news?) If you want to keep abreast of current affairs search the internet for independent, unbiased news. Seek the truth. Trust your intuition. This will also help you give you a much more balanced view of reality. There's lots of good news out there if you're looking for it...

9. DO help other people. Join activist sites like that collect petitions to help humanity. Forgiveness, compassion and understanding are good vibrations.

10. DO use tools and strategies to help you achieve higher levels of consciousness, such as meditation and the free Alpha audio we're giving away...

So with that in mind, I think the best think you can do is go and collect your free alpha audio and get started on raising those vibrations!


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